We’re really excited to announce that we’re branching out into the world of voiceovers.
For all your voiceover related queries and to get a quote for your project please contact Dani on: info@ktthrelfall.co.uk  /  +44 (0) 20 8879 0493
Peter Barrett
Authoritative, Expressive, Strong
Natalie Grady
Characterful, Voice Coach, Experienced
Georgia May Hughes
Friendly, Playful, Northern
Micahel Jenn
Authoritative, characterful, reassuring
Jo Joyner
Friendly, Engaging, Characterful
Natasha Kamanga
Clear, Warm, Youthful
Toby Mace
Reassuring, Conversational, Smooth
Olivia Marcus
Characterful, Youthful, Bright, Animated
Brian Martin
Upbeat, Charming, Irish
Josh McCord
Animated, Characterful, Engaging, Bright
Katherine Pearce
Bright, Engaging, Warm, Northern
Nick Sampson
Rich, Distinctive, Warm, Authoritative, Reassuring
Hannah Traylen
Youthful, Engaging, Vulnerable, Animated
Alexander Vlahos
Characterful, Animated, Reassuring, Warm
Rhys Whomsley
Warm, Youthful, Caring, Welsh
Nathan Wright
Commercial, Conversational, Relatable
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