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representing some of the most exciting
talent on stage and screen.




Nickcolia King-N'Da has opened in Cruel Intentions at The Other Palace playing the role of Ronald Clifford. The show runs from Thursday 11th January until Sunday 19th May. 

Read a review of the show here.

Christopher Hampton is currently performing as Postmaster Cumberworld in The Government Inspector showing at The Marylebone Theatre until 15th June. You can book ticket here.

Stuart Vincent is performing in The Kite Runnerin the role of Amir. It will be touring round the UK until July and you can book tickets via the website

Farshid Rokey is on tour with The Boy at the Back of the Class until 19th June. You can find a venue you near you - here

Marty Breen is currently filming season 3 of FBI International.

Irish wish_edited.jpg

Alex Vlahos leads the cast opposite Lindsey Lohan in The Irish Wish on Netflix. 


Stuart Vincent as Amir in The Kite Runner

"Vincent easily swaps between ages and brings a childlike naivety to his role that feels earnest and believable."

Fash Rose.webp

Farshid Rokey plays Ahmet in The Boy at the Back of the Class.

"Rokey is instantly believable and endearing as Ahmet as their performance is mature, humorous and heart-breaking."

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